Republican Forest Selection and Seed Center

Production Department

Main functions of the department:

  • Processing of seed-bearing raw materials and obtaining pure seeds on the equipment of Swedish "Nomeko"

Full cycle of processing of conifer cones includes:

  • acceptance of conifer forest seed raw materials from forestry institutions;
  • sorting from raw materials on a conveyor belt;

  • drying cones in drying chambers with computer control of the process;


  • extraction of seeds with a lobster with an open cone;

  • seed bleaching;

  • cleaning and sorting of seeds on separators of various types;

  • drying the seeds to the optimum moisture value;

  • selection of a sample for laboratory determination of seed quality, phyto- and entomological contamination;

  • laying seeds for storage in a controlled environment (cool rooms).

  • Sowing of seeds in cassettes for the further cultivation of forest planting material with a closed root system is carried out on the equipment of Italian "MosaGreenSrl"

Technological process includes

  • washing and disinfection of cassettes;

  • filling containers with a nutrient substrate;

  • sowing seeds;
  • mulching cassettes with agroperlite;

  • humidification to optimum humidity;

  • transportation of cassettes to a film greenhouse or packing and loading onto the Customer's transport;

  • growing seedlings in the film greenhouse;

  • carrying out seedlings on the growing fields for hardening.

Two greenhouses with a total area of 0.28 hectares, equipped with transoms on the crest of the roof, irrigation ramps, shading system, artificial mist, mechanical and automatic feeding systems, heat generators are available for cultivation of forest planting material with a closed root system.

In the greenhouses, the most favorable conditions are created for growing seedlings with a closed root system at the beginning of the growing season.

After one month, containers with the plants are moved to the cultivation fields (total area 0,4 hectares) which are equipped with cable-drive irrigation ramps.

  • cultivation of decorative planting material.

The assortment of cultivated ornamental plants includes more than 40 species and forms


  • choice of planting material for different soil types;
  • specifics of cultivation;
  • care of plants.

The planting material grown in the center perfectly tolerates the climatic conditions of Belarus.

The center makes retail and wholesale trade.

  • Works on gardening and landscape design are carried out - from drawing up of the individual project taking into account the wishes of the Customer, to its implementation in real;
  • Carrying out vaccination works and growing grafted planting material for the purpose of laying down and supplementing forest seed-bearing plantations.

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