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  • something Like that suddenly happened on a trip to Belarus. The Republican Ministry of forestry has arranged an event for journalists. Official our journalists are unable to participate (apparently the authorities don't really want to expand your horizons), and the Russian press had to answer I (Moscow colleague Alexei Grigoriev participated as a consultant to the international Union for conservation of nature).

    the Trip was definitely full of impressions. I have always thought that he had seen in Belarus was caught, and during numerous trips to native forests. Quite recently, in fact. That is why the visit is necessary in any coherent record of their experiences. To show that some reasonable economy possible. For now, just the finishing touches to the portrait.

    the Path to the woods began with a communication from the Minister of forestry Mikhail Amelyanovich. Of course, it was interesting, especially when the reading of the report moved on to questions and answers. But still, everyone wanted in the forest, on nature.







    the Path to the forest started with seed selection and production center, resembling anything but the forest official's office.
    Forestry is forced to earn (moreover, the government sets the goal of increasing the share of own funds in the amount of Finance), and it is logical that near Minsk to earn trying in planting material of ornamental crops. The country is very concerned about the appearance of cities, villages, roadsides, and it is immediately noticeable. Even if there is some especially gardening, certainly no weeds and especially bolshevikova thickets. But in cities, of course, try to create planting ornamental crops. The assortment consists of there are seedlings of his own production, which is not so simple, given the proximity of Poland.




    the Competition is serious. Wandering between the rows and rows of cedars, firs, pines, willows, Derunov and other greenery and feel yourself in a flower shop and Botanical garden. Everything is so harmoniously and logically located. As the Director of the center, because the center is located on one of the "country" tracks they try and show how you can create a living fence how to make a bed or ridges. All landscaping is illustrative examples of elements of green design.

    But Selection seed-growing centre is a production company that works in the interests of forestry of the Republic. It is here that contains the seed Fund, seed Fund. In fact, the processing of seeds is carried out here too, and the media was very interesting to see how it looks in reality.

    Seeds come mainly from of seed orchards and plus trees.

    could Not remain indifferent to the huge mountain has empty cones. This is where you'll see.
    Alexei Grigoriev suggested a new source of income for forestry - attraction "shyshkove conquer the mountain". Suggested and tested. For those who want you to do it barefoot.
    Arriving in the Center of the bumps are filled into such boxes and supplied with labels. I.e., after processing the household receives it seeds from their cones. The cones are dried, the seeds are cleaned, obespylivajut sorted. and Packed.
    But in fact the Holy of holies - the reserve Fund. At low temperatures in the refrigerator for a thick door to store seeds from different regions. Gradually the seeds of change, regularly assesses their quality.
    the laboratory measurement of seed germination. The whole work of the laboratory manual and very laborious.

    And the empty cones can also be used as mulch material in the design of green compositions. (Where farms remain from the Soviet era shishkosushilka the old model, the empty cones are fuel for shishkosushilka.)



    Here the Foundation for creation of future forests. And it is symbolic that our journey to the woods started with a visit to the structure, which depends on the arrival to the farm of seeds of tree species.

    About how they got to the forest and there saw next episode.

    Wednesday, 24 August 2011 Written by forest ru

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